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Make the world a brighter place.

By • Jul 14th, 2008 • Category: Bike Tips

Smile and wave at drivers when you cycle.

Really, it makes a difference. A smile goes a long way towards breaking whatever damage a cyclist blowing through a red light at 20mph might do.

Plus it makes the world happier.

The mean harassing motorists are rare (scary but rare) Treat everyone else with kindness. I think you will find you get a return in kindness.

Also, be courteous. Treat traffic like the line at the grocery store. If you would have let that person with just one item hop in front of you, do the same with cars.

I cant make the daredevil cyclists cut it out any more than the driver of the car on the road with you now can make the guy who gets within 3″ from you at 30mph cut it out.

Just give them all the benefit of the doubt, smile and be courteous.

And if someone honks? Wave and smile like you just got honked at by a friend. They might think you are stupid, but it will calm them down.

And the best reason? It brightens YOUR day. And in the end that’s the person you are riding home with.

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  1. I have been doing this for years and it does work. Often the driver will smile and wave back. It also reduces my stress levels a lot when I take the high road and don’t sink to the levels of a rude, aggressive driver.

    Something else that happens when the weather is nice. I’ll be at a red light and will strike up a conversation with someone whose windows are down or if they’re in a vehicle like a Jeep. It puts a human face and voice to that strangely dressed person on a bicycle. Maybe next time they encounter a bicyclists they’ll remember that guy back at the intersection.

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