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Coopersville teen in fair condition after bicycle hit by van

By • Jul 17th, 2008 • Category: Bike Accidents…een_in_fair_cond.html

Something sounds off about the story:

“Police reported that witnesses said Louis Suarez, 31, of Muskegon was driving his 2001 Pontiac Montana south on 68th Avenue. Suarez was moving over to pass McPherson when the biker suddenly swerved left in front of the van. The incident remains under investigation.”

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  1. It called SWSS or Single Witness Suicidal Swerve. Apparently cyclists by the droves are using their bikes and motor vehicles to commit suicide, but interestingly enough only when there are no other witnesses around, or in other words when the only witness capable of talking to the police is the driver of the motor vehicle, the cyclist swerves in front of it at the last second, at least according to the witness…

  2. Yes it happens far too often from what I can tell.


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