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I keep posting in the statesman blog.

By • Aug 1st, 2008 • Category: Hmm...

I posted this in the article about the death of Officer Argall on hwy 290, there is still quite a discussion going on a month after his passing.  A few people believe he was a fool to have even been there, and responsible for the whole thing by his presence.

anyway here is what I posted:

Regardless of your feelings, please do not kill us. Slow down, pay attention to the road. Please.

I am sorry if you are offended by my analogies to other forms of prejudice, I myself never understood prejudice until I decided to try to bike places instead of taking my car. I thought people would be happy for me, not angry at my very presence. It came as quite a shock.

I also for the first time in my life can understand how a minority can develop a collective chip on their shoulders against those that would deny them the rights they have. I have to fight to overcome this.

I have been on a quiet 4 lane road, with very little traffic, the speed was 35mph I was doing 20mph in the outer lane, and had a car slow down, blast their horn at me almost knocking me off my bike, and then take off. (I took the license plate down, but I never did anything with it). I still to this day cannot understand what I did to that person, I did not slow them down, I was not in the way, they had an entire empty lane. This is not the only incident, there are many, this one was just one of the first and the one to surprise me the most, I have come to expect a certain percentage of motorists to be self-entitled a-holes. I have been fortunate, nobody has tried to run me over on purpose yet, I came close once with a car full of drunks, they turned around and aimed the car at me, but I hopped on the sidewalk and they sped away laughing. (I called 911 and they did not do anything that I can tell).

I enjoy riding my bike for the most part, there are many kind and generous drivers on the road, with just a few that would like to see me dead. It is just hard living with the fact that people want me dead simply because I ride my bike instead of my car about half the time. It feels like prejudice and harassment. I guess the one thing I can do is go home, and get away from it, where some other minorities have it follow them home. I am not trying to say that the plight of the cyclists is as bad as any other plight of a minority, but ours is just as inexcusable, and it is just as wrong, and it hurts when it happens.

Please, you do not have to understand us, or love us, but please just be careful and try not to kill us.

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