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I just got back from an adventure.

By • Aug 2nd, 2008 • Category: Hmm...

I took the family out to some firehouse subs and ice cream, and grocery shopping.

I threw the bike trailer on the bike, set up my daughter’s 21 speed (she is 8 and I got her a 13″ womans mountain bike frame and built it up to a hybrid).  And my wife’s 21 speed (converted mtb).

It was nice, we went and got the groceries, ate our subs outside, and had the ice cream, and on the way back did circles for a while in an empty parking lot.  Well we were about 3 miles from home when my daughter said her pedal fell off.  Sure enough, all of the threads were stripped, this pedal is not going back on.

So I locked her bike up at the school we were passing, and hauled my 65lb daughter, my 40lb son and my 190lb butt PLUS the groceries up a couple hills.

I am here to tell you, that stuff is HEAVY, I have not felt that much strain on my muscles since I started riding.  (Maybe I should do it more often, I could outrun anyone, if my knee bones didn’t suddenly shoot out of my leg while climbing a hill).  I guess it wouldn’t be so bad, but my bike is geared way too high.

Anyway so then I drove the van back down to get the bike, thus spoiling a perfect car-free day.

Oh well, it was still a really fun day, and at least I didn’t have to unload groceries from the van.  (When I shop on the bike I roll the trailer right up to the fridge to unload, it sounds odd to say that I would rather bike my groceries 4 miles home than carry them in from the van, but it is true.)

Anyway there is a little slice of my world for a few hours.  Hope I entertained someone with it.

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  1. *smooch* I had a good time. :) ily.

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