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“Helmet laws are like preventing rapes by requiring every woman to wear a styrofoam chastity belt, uncomfortable and ultimately useless.”

By • Aug 3rd, 2008 • Category: Hmm...

I found this quote in a blog comment.  I love it, it is so true.

Cyclists everywhere, we need to wake up and smell the distractions.

The problems with safety out there are motorists who do not think we belong, refuse to drive safely, and police and juries that refuse to take vehicular manslaughter (or negligent homicide) seriously.

Since when did you have to prove intent to charge someone with negligence?

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  1. Thank you for the complement, those are my words up there. I’m glad they were of help to you. I keep a blog dedicated to bike safety and have links to wreck reports and legislative issues from all over the world, check it out it’s my website link. I was crippled by a hit-and-run while riding my bike back in 2001, but I’m still riding my bike, just not the same bike I was riding back then (it was totaled:) )Drop me an e-mail if you ever plan on visiting the Dallas area, I live in Garland.

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