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The Effect of Cycle Lanes on Cyclists’ Road Space

By • Aug 4th, 2008 • Category: Info

This study was done in england, but after looking at it much of it applies to us here.

The part about a minimum cycling space being 2m (6 feet) I fully agree with.  Bike lanes narrower than this have serious problems, and should not even exist.

Read the PDF here

Some interesting quotes:

Cycle Friendly Infrastructure [1] recommends that cycle lanes should be 2m wide
wherever possible. This is the amount of space a cyclist needs on the road. Given
the pressure on road space, cycle lanes are rarely this wide and there are a growing
number of sub-standard cycle lanes appearing on the roads.
Advocates of cycle lanes argue that a poor quality cycle lane is better than nothing,
claiming that the existence of the cycle lane alerts motorists to the presence of
cyclists. Experienced cyclists tend to oppose sub-standard facilities and find that
other vehicles pass closer and at greater speed as drivers tend to follow the lane
markings rather than judge the amount of space a cyclist needs.

Sub-standard cycle lanes should not be installed.
All existing cycle lanes should be reviewed and either widened to the 2m
recommended Cycle Friendly Infrastructure or removed.
Further studies should be undertaken to discover how wide cycle lanes need to be
in order to be of any benefit to cyclists.

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