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Apparently the news people in ohio think the dead cyclist was playing chicken.

By • Aug 6th, 2008 • Category: Rants

Car VS Bicycle, next up on FOX REALITY.  (oh and the car won).

The Ohio State Highway Patrol is investigating a crash that happened just after 10 a.m. Tuesday.

The car vs. bicycle crash happened on State Route 515, north of Township Road 406, near Walnut Creek in Holmes County.State Patrol officials told NewsChannel5 that 16-year-old Brent Miller, of Dundee, was driving south on state Route 515 when he drove left of center and struck a bicyclist.

– Hmm, it is starting to look like it may have been a car vs anythingthathappenedtobethere (sic) problem, and not a car vs bike problem at all!  Or maybe the fine people at newsnet5 believe that driving in the wrong lane and killing someone is understandable.

After the collision, both the car and the bike went off the road.  Miller was wearing his seat belt and sustained no injuries.

– I could live a long and happy life if I never again hear these words.  “Motorist drives 3 Tons of death into fragile cyclist, motorist did not sustain any injuries”.  Seriously never again.   Pretty please?  If a motorist ever gets injured while plowing through a bicycle, I will be stunned.  Maybe if the motorist plows through a bicycle while going 90?  I don’t know, but its bad taste to mention that the motorist will be ok after he just murdered someone with his car, and will probably not even get a ticket.

Marcus Shetler, 15, of Sugar Creek, was ejected from the bicycle. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Shetler was not wearing a bike helmet.

– I am sick of that statement also.  Motorist plows 3 tons of death into fragile cyclist, cyclist not wearing helmet.  It somehow implies that the cyclist was at fault.  If Marcus had a helmet on would Brent have stayed on his side of the roadway?

The crash remains under investigation by the Ohio State Highway Patrol. This is the third fatal crash in Holmes County this year.

– You investigate Ohio, unless Brent Miller was drunk, I doubt he will even have to take a road safety course.

Very sad news, at least Brent Miller will have to live with this for the rest of his life.  Maybe he will drive safer from now on.

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