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By • Aug 8th, 2008 • Category: Rants

I just found this little gem of a story on the KLBJ website.

Austin Cops Ramp Up Efforts to Keep People From Urinating on Downtown Streets


– I wonder who these nasty indigents are that they want to keep out, maybe there is a picture…


– ITS LESLIE!  yep, they want to ban Leslie from downtown.  Apparently he is too weird for the new Austin.

The Austin Police Department is trying to cut down on nuisances such as panhandling and public intoxication downtown. Officials says the effort is in response to growing complaints from downtown business owners, visitors and other stakeholders who say issues such as panhandling, public urination, public intoxication and even theft are becoming worse in the city’s core.

The department will hold a news conference on Friday to discuss increased enforcement of city ordinances downtown in an effort to improve the quality of life in the area. The plan calls for increased patrols of officers during daylight hours to enforce existing ordinances. Officials today will also discuss a partnership with downtown stakeholders that will help create a unified effort toward improving the safety and image of downtown.

– Notice the “image of downtown” i.e. it is too weird right now, let us make it look like all the other cities you don’t want to live in.  This is rather depressing, and I know it is not cycling related, but I had to post it somewhere.

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