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After the ride to Buda I got this email from a friend trying to bike home from the ride.

By • Aug 9th, 2008 • Category: Rants


Nice ride last night.

I had a little incident on the way home, heading down Red River near 5th street. I came to a stop and inched my way up to the light. When the light changed and as I’m riding through the intersection, there’s a motorcycle beside me. When we get to the next block he begins talking to me. Foolishly, I assume he’s complementing me on my bike, or saying something otherwise friendly. What he’s saying, quite seriously, is that I pulled into “his lane.” That I “cut him off.” I’m just kind of staring at him as we’re riding along and he keeps repeating more and more threatening variations on the theme. I’m wondering what he wants (an apology? For what?) and I finally just say to him,”Are you for real?” We’re about at 7th and Red River and he gets off his bike and says “Yeah, I’m for real.” At this point, adrenaline is kicking in. Fight or flight. I’m thinking, this is how stuff (bad stuff) happens. For no reason at all. I take off through the light while he’s off the bike. But I’m pissed, feel threatened. I circle back around behind him. I don’t want to do anything stupid, but I don’t want to take anymore crap. I let out with a primal holler (voice shaky , scary, loud) for him to leave me the f— alone! He says not to come up behind him. I tell him I’m just trying to get home. Folks on the sidewalk are looking, which is what I wanted. I wanted to make a scene, have witnesses. He takes off and I don’t see him again. Pheew!

I’ll drop you a line later next week with a film schedule for the Bike-in Movie on the 21st.

Be careful out in the Asphalt Jungle!

2 wheels good? Not always.

FYI I am going to pay for the unlimited license plate searches the next time I need to look one up. If you have an incident like this let me know the plate and I will get you a phone number so you can call the guy the next day.

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