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These guys all agree, DO NOT bike there.

By • Aug 9th, 2008 • Category: Rants

Click on the pictures.

Terrorists. For years there have been links from the middle east to terrorism. Currently we are sending over 700Billion dollars a year to the middle east. They beg of you, do not stop.

Watch the videos, the second one is quite amusing. (Unless you are trapped in a car, then it is quite depressing).

Rex W. Tillerson, CEO Of EXXON, This guy made almost 12 Million dollars last year as CEO. You think he bikes there? How many of the 11 billion dollars EXXON made last quarter would it take to push the idea that biking as transportation is for losers?

Love it or hate it, argues David O’Reilly in an interview with Fortune’s Geoff Colvin, the world is going to run on oil for several more decades.

I say we take his word for it, after all he is objective on the issue, isn’t he?

Remember Standard Oil? we “broke up” the monopoly, great job we did too. They don’t control the US economy at all any more.

CEO/Chairman of the Board/Director at General Motors Corporation

All of these people want you to think of biking like this:

And not like This:

Or This:

Which America do YOU want?

(I like the lower frame better)

I have a message for all of these guys, your power trip is not worth destroying my environment, (in the green sense and in the noisy car infested world sense), or my children’s heritage.

Is this the future ANYONE wants?

This is what I think about that future:

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