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All these stupid bicycles in my way, why don’t we tax them and restrict their use?

By • Aug 11th, 2008 • Category: Rants

Now this is the pinnacle of car-head thinking:


Licensing could fund bike paths

I live off a narrow, windy road with a double yellow line and no shoulders for miles. It is a long way to a main arterial and dangerous or impossible to pass in most areas. The road is, unfortunately, a favorite of cyclists. Passing a single bicycle can be risky; however, in most cases they ride two or three abreast in large groups that can impact the road for miles.

– I suspect that the speed is more like 12-15mph.

On weekends it is difficult to go anywhere because of cyclists. It is usually prudent to return home during bicycle events instead of traveling to town at 5 to 7 mph. It is very upsetting to have our access impacted to such a degree that traveling on weekends is curtailed because of someone else’s hobby.

– I understand how the author feels, It is very upsetting to have my access impacted to such a degree that trying to ride my bicycle across town is dangerous (from cars) because a bunch of lazy people have decided to take a gasoline powered wheel chair everywhere.

Requiring a bicycle license fee could fund bicycle paths and lanes. This would make it safer and more enjoyable for all. Requiring a written test prior to being allowed to ride on public roads would reinforce traffic laws, which apply to all. I pay a license fee to drive a car on public roads; bicycles should do the same. Bicycles not licensed would still have the use of miles of trails.

– What about all those pesky pedestrians, what if we just make everyone have a mark on their forehead or right hand? And if they refuse to comply, they cannot buy or sell? Sound good?

Roads with no shoulder or ability to safely pass for miles should be free of recreational bicycles. Requiring a license and license plate on bicycles using public roads would make enforcement easier and fund bicycle paths. I thought our roads’ primary function was for transportation and commerce, but bicycle recreational use can usurp this basic function.

– Ahh so now you outright want to limit free transportation. Why stop at bikes? Did you know that motor vehicle traffic is responsible for the largest transfer of wealth in the history of the world? And guess what, it is AWAY from America. If you are not driving on important business, I say you should get a ticket. You are engaged in treason.

Les A. Gilbert

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