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Why I am not afraid of cars (Or any man).

By • Aug 30th, 2008 • Category: Rants

How can you ride in a dangerous street with deadly metal monsters without being terrified?

I found the answer.

Trust God.

1) Bicycling and walking are better for the earth.  There is no doubt.  Anyone with a brain knows that cars are polluting God’s creation.

2) Our job on earth is to take care of God’s creation, why do you think cancer exists?  Is it God’s punishment on man, or a natural consequence of us laying down our responsibilities?

3) When you side with God he sides with you, why do you think more people die in cars than on bikes?  God protects those who do what is right.  Have faith in God, and do what is right.  Do not be angry about the injustice in the world, instead prove them wrong by your actions.  If God be for me, who can be against me?

John Lennon said all you need is love, and he was close, but not 100% right.  All you need is GOD.  and God is love.  If you claim you love God and destroy your fellow man and this planet, you are a LIAR.

Anyway I know this is a random collection of thoughts, and it may not be 100% cycling related, but believe.

If you live a pure life in the eyes of God, no power in heaven and earth can come against you.  And this brings us back to cars, live pure in his eyes, do not defile this earth that God gave us, and he will side with you, and you will not need to fear traffic any more.

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  1. I love this! I almost got aggressively cut off in my neighbourhood yesterday. This has happened before in the same intersection. The only think I can figure is to trust in that bubble of security which surrounds me when I ride. Thanks for the rant. :-)


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