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This is a reply to someone in a blog who thinks bikes should not be allowed on rural highways.

By • Jul 5th, 2008 • Category: Rants

People are needlessly dying because motor vehicle drivers cannot be bothered to

a) pay attention to the road even when they have 2 mile visibility. b) slow down when they don’t have 2 mile visibility. c) obey the law. The law says you need to drive safely for conditions even if the condition is a bicycle going 40 miles an hour under the speed limit. Or a dead deer in the middle of a vehicle lane. (Please do not suggest that it is moronic to have to be able to stop for a dead deer in the highway, because a motor vehicle should never be delayed). d) slow down in general. The speed LIMIT is the MAXIMUM, I don’t always drive my car that fast, I have recently gained the courage to ignore peer pressure in that regard. I drive a speed that makes ME, and OTHERS safe.

Let me give you a real life example. My grandmother started driving in 1925, she has NEVER had a collision. EVER. You may say she is lucky. I say she is safe. Why can she do it, and other people cannot?

Your expectation is wrong. You expect a road clear from any obstruction to the speed you see on the sign. When the law CLEARLY states for anyone to see that THEY expect you to drive at a safe and reasonable speed for the current road conditions, and not EXCEED the maximum EVER.

Do you know why a bicycle would ever want to ride on a road like 290? Cause he wants to go to Fredricksburg. You think we should make some special bike highway for hundreds of millions of dollars so that he can get there without slowing any cars down?

Or do you think that anyone stupid enough to want to ride a bike that far instead of driving like any sane person, is taking their lives into their own hands and is also creating a burden on society.

Thats what I hear from you. Anyone who chooses to not drive the almighty smog machine of death is a nuisance and should be forcibly removed from the road. Even though they have a legal right to be there?

Us uppity cyclists just don’t seem to know our place.

Or maybe you will start spouting the dead right stuff.

You know what? Any black man that stood up for his rights in the south not too many years ago would likely be “dead right” do you think HE was a moron?


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  1. OK, I have to correct a couple of errors:

    1) grandma is 91 this July, and still driving, and I think she actually started driving in 1945. This does not invalidate my point in any way.

    2) I think my 2 miles was an exaggeration, I think 3/4 to 1 mile is more realistic. Whatever speed you need to go from 70mph to a dead stop. Thats how far ahead you should be able to see (Including reaction time).


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