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Some good numbers to ponder:

By • Jul 11th, 2008 • Category: Environment, Info

I responded to this article:

In the comments section.

You left one important replacement out.

The bicycle, this year an influx of Americans are turning to this 100 year old technology to replace fuel consumption. The number one easiest quick fix for that 70% you mentioned is to facilitate safe transport for bicycles NOW.

1) Make the roads safer, ensure that there is a network of low speed roads to get anywhere in a city, cars and bicycles can interact safely on low speed roads.

2) educate drivers that when they see a person on a bicycle, they are not “in the way” but “part of the solution”

3) Prosecute drivers that kill or harass bicycles.

These three things are cheap and will make a huge impact immediately on the consumption of oil. Right now, someone is driving an SUV to the GYM to ride a stationary bicycle. WHY? Because the perception is that the roads are not safe.

You want to reduce oil consumption while keeping personal freedom? The bicycle.

Since January 2008 I have replaced about 1500 miles I would have traveled by car, with bicycle travel. I have bags, and can carry my laptop with me. And the only thing that makes this difficult? The attitude of drivers who feel that I am in their way.

I am on track to hit 4000 miles by the end of the year. If just 1% of americans (3 million) did exactly the same thing, we would have reduced our oil consumption by 12 billion miles, which at a generous average of 30mpg is 400 million gallons of oil a year. At $4/gallon that is a savings of 1.6 billion dollars a year that would flow into the American economy vs the Persian Gulf.

That is 1.6 Billion dollars for every 1% of americans who decide to ride a bicycle for just 40% of their transportation.

Take the number to 20% and you get 32 billion dollars a year in the American economy vs the Persian Gulf. Sound impossible?

I am doing it now, believe me it is not.

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