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America has the Jones for cheap oil

By • Jul 13th, 2008 • Category: Environment

Let us allow the price of oil to climb naturally and let capitalism take care of the rest. I think you would be surprised how quickly alternative energy is developed once we finally give up on oil.

America is addicted to oil, and the answer is to break the addiction, we have a chance to do it gradually or to go “Cold Turkey” The second choice is MUCH more painful.

The Persian Gulf has us where they want us, much like a crack dealer has an addict where they want them. Addicted, and 100% dependent. And now with china entering the addiction, they have other customers, so they can pretty much set the price.

Sure we can start bombing people and start wars etc etc, but why not just quit? Not today, but lets plan to quit.

Like when I quit smoking, I used to smoke a pack a day, then 15 cigs a day, then 10, then 5, then none.

As a nation we need to start telling the American people the truth. The easy oil is gone. It isn’t coming back, you smoked it America, you enjoyed the high, but it’s gone. And unlike tobacco, we can’t just grow more. And like any addict, they will believe anything you tell them when you say there is a whole pile of oil in Alaska, if we would just kill all the polar bears and whatever else is living there now. I mean what is more important? Driving a car, or the life of an entire species? It is a lot like why a crack addict will steal your $300 car stereo just to get $30 for one more hit of crack. That doesn’t make it right.

Please America, let us all agree that we are sick, we have a problem, and we need help. And getting more of “The good stuff” isn’t the answer. We need to quit.

You can also read this article, that accurately predicted we would run out of the easy oil just before 2010. It was written in 1998

and this:


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  1. I agree with the first paragraph 100%! American’s simply don’t take well to government mandates. But we respond very well to changes in market conditions. Eventually gasoline will get too expensive and an entrepreneur will come along and develop something cheaper.

    In the meantime the government has to stop subsidizing the petroleum and ethanol industries. It’s unsustainable and only making things worse for the consumer.

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