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Ok, so apparently I have people actually reading my site. So I better say something about me rather than “This is a wordpress document here is how to edit it”

Here goes:

I love to spend hours reading up on and searching the web for bicycling info. However one thing I have noticed is most sites are for the Sunday cyclist, or the racer. Those guys are great, I have ridden with them, and I can even stay in the peloton for about 20 miles, but what about us transportation cyclists?

Who writes articles about the guy who wants to visit his car 1-2 days a week instead of every day? There is some stuff here and there, but it needs to be put together on a site. Like that bicycling magazine I subscribe to and get about 6 pages of good stuff out of mixed in with the 20 pages of ads and 10 pages of how to do intervals to increase my VO2 max. That’s great if you are all about feeling the burn and getting maximum performance. I just want to be fast enough to not get hit by a car. Every time I make it home safely I feel like a winner :)

So after a post in the bicycle Austin forum from someone else saying pretty much the same thing, I said hey, lets just start a blog and see where it goes. Hopefully one day this will be a magazine chock full of how to get from home to HEB safely and in a fun way. And lots of other stuff. Anyway I gave him access to post but I think he got too busy. If anyone like-minded wants to post as well I am open to that. I don’t want a site by me with just my two cents. (Trust me, I could give you a whole dollar in change, but sometimes a wooden nickel sneaks in and I need someone to point it out to me).

So about me, the first editor of hopefully many:

My name is Adriel, I have cycled most of my life with huge breaks in between. In Corpus Christi, where I grew up, I would ride all over from about 12-15, then I moved to San Antonio, and ended up walking a lot for some reason. I do not remember why. Maybe I left the bike in Corpus? Anyway, then in 1988 I moved to Redding California and was 18 and poor. So I went to the junkyard and made a 12 speed (I think, it had gears I don’t remember the number) And proceeded to ride all over. I would leave at 10 in the morning and just ride till 6-7 at night. I explored a lot of that town, and even climbed some mountains. (very very slowly)

When I moved back to San Antonio, I brought the bike, but I also brought my first car back with me. You can imagine I pretty much parked the bike and never rode it. I ended up leaving the bike on the porch too long and I didn’t really know how to fix it so it ended up in the dumpster. I wish I could go back in time and undo this evil, but I cannot.

There is more etc etc, I got another bike in 1991 and rode it for a while with a triathlete who was way way way too fast for me. Then I stopped riding again.

I work in computers and over the years I got fatter and fatter, and even started brewing my own beer. At one point I had 50 gallons of perfectly made beer on tap in my wonderful full bar. I was about 225lbs and I couldn’t even walk around the block without running out of breath.

Last February I decided to live my life right, sold the bar, the brewing equipment, went vegan for a while (Don’t get excited I’m back on the sausage). And lost 40 lbs. I was discussing my improvements with someone when they said “You just get on a bike, and you will lose the rest in no time” Anyway that was last July, and on August 15, 2007 I found a lemond croix de fer (19 lbs!) on craigslist for $600 I have put about 3700 miles on it since then and had a long adventure. From my timid beginnings in the bike lane, and 2? from the curb, to full vehicular cycling, I am constantly learning. I ended up gaining 10 lbs back almost immediately, but have hovered around 190-195 for the last 6 months. Its a dangerous thing to know you just burned 3000 calories. A whole package of butterfingers are 1100 calories :)

One thing I have learned to my own surprise is I would rather ride my bike than drive my car. I am trying to do this whenever possible. I now have full panniers on my lemond, and it averages 28-40lbs after I pile all my crap in it. (I even bought a dell X300 so I could take a smaller laptop with me). I am self employed so a “commute” isn’t really appropriate, I ride to customers houses and place of business whenever possible. Last week I went 75 miles in my auto, and 111 miles on the bike. I used about 4 gallons of gas.

Oh, and Adriel is a male name, not a girl name, no matter what popular culture has come up with in the last 5 years. So I am not a girl.

Some people have requested my email address, it is in code so the spammers can’t get it.

you know my first name, then an at sign, then my first name, then .net