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This is my idea, let me explain:

You can google around and find stuff out about biking, but there isn’t really a single place that “puts it all together”

I want to make a place like this, I want to get vehicular cycling up there, how not to get hit by a car, how to change a flat, commuting tips, etc etc. Also I wanted a name that is practically impossible to forget. You could tell a cyclist you met at a stop light.

What I need:

A design.

Currently I am waiting on my graphic designer to come up with something, hopefully it will be soon. I wouldn’t mind any suggestions. I reused this wordpress theme for now.

Actual tips.

I need to compile this, but if anyone has a good site, or a good essay that “every cyclist should know”

I want it. Please include if and how you want me to credit you.

Once I get the site looking good, I plan to print about 1000 business cards with the website name, and ask bike shops to start handing them out to people for free. No advertising on the site, my goal is to educate the guy going the wrong way down the sidewalk. The Person hugging the curb and putting his life at risk. etc etc. I just want to make safer cyclists for a very low investment.


I want people that I can trust to put unbiased information that meets the goals I stated. I also want people who want to meet with me and help me refine those goals.

Thank you.